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Jaw Droppers
Invisible Deck In Bicycle With DVD
Jaw Droppers 4 DVD Set with Bridge Size Pro Brand Svengali Deck
Item #2229
Jaw Droppers 4 DVD Set with Bridge Size Pro Brand Svengali Deck
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4 Easy-To-Follow DVDs
Over 7 Hours of Amazing Secrets & Explanations
81 Killer Magic Tricks, Coin Tricks, Card Tricks & More
Concise Step-By-Step Instruction
Designed for Non-Magicians
No Sleight-of-Hand Necessary
No Special Magic Props Needed
Easy To Learn and Do
Fun & Entertaining Just To Watch
Guaranteed Ice-Breakers...
Anytime, Anywhere!
Free Bonus Magic Makers Pro Brand Svengali Deck
10 Bonus Svengali Deck Tricks!

The JawDroppers DVDs show each trick performed by Larry, followed by a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little practice. Learn just one JawDropper and make just one impression, and you’ll see how much these tapes are really worth!

Larry Anderson says: "With these JawDroppers, you can make an impression that people will remember for years to come. There’s no better way than magic to break the ice with business contacts, new friends, or someone special you want to connect with."

21 Off-The-Cuff Stunners Using Everyday Items - 95 Minutes

1. The Ultimate Utility Move
2. A "Snappy" Coin Penetration
3. Business Card to Dollar Bill
4. Crayon Clairvoyance
5. Electro-Static Toothpicks
6. Twice Fooled
7. Not So Flatware
8. Shape-Shifting Silver
9. Touched By An Angel
10. A Business Sandwich
11. Anti-Gravity Ring

12. Houdini Hanky
13. The "Flighty" Coin
14. Elimi-notion
15. Things That Cling
16. Two-Bit Penny Pincher
17. The Self-Propelled Cigarette
18. A Coin-venient Shortcut
19. Phantom Matches
20. The Floating Dinner Roll
21. ATM (Air To Money)
22. Sweet Money

20 Tricks That Require An Ounce of Set-up, But Deliver a Ton of Impact - 116 Minutes

1. Anything Goes
2. A-peel-ing Wallpaper
3. Baffling Bucks
4. Burnt Offerings
5. A Point Well Taken
6. Bills From Nowhere
7. Business Card-incidence
8. Busted!
9. Change Out of a Buck
10. Ghost Trap

11. The Hand-Made While-U-Wait Business Card Printer
12. Helicopter Bill
13. The Ash-stounding Penetration
14. Gimme a Break
15. Pad Your Budget
16. Snip-A-Tip
17. Leave ’Em Spell-Bound
18. Never the Twine Shall Meet
19. "Arch" Enemy
20. The Haunted Bill

17 More Advanced Tricks That Take Your Magic To The Next Level - 109 Minutes

1. Ultimate Utility Move
2. Business Card Bamboozle
3. Worth Its Salt
4. Zombie Spoon
5. Double Your Dough
6. Silverware Shuffle
7. Ring & Coin Join
8. Loopy Linking Loops
9. Winged Silver

10. Continuous Coins
11. The Spirit Grip
12. Gimme Five Transposition
13. Rebounding Dinner Roll
14. Perplexing Penny-tration
15. "X" Marks the Spot
16. The Mysterious Black Hole
17. Through the Table

13 Amazing Card Tricks You Can Master in Minutes PLUS 10 Bonus Tricks with the
Amazing Svengali Deck (Includes Magic Makers Pro Brand Svengali Deck)- 120 Minutes

Totally Easy
1. Do As I Do
2. I’m Sure You Degree
3. Out of My Hands
4. Quick As Lightning
5. The Odd Couples
6. Two On A Match

Tricks With Four Aces
7. An Ace-stounding Discovery
8. The Drunken Shuffle
9. Touchy-Feely Aces

The Amazing "Key" Card
10. How The "Key" Card Works
11. Gotcha!
12. The Im-pulse-able Discovery

Card Mentalism
13. Under the Influence
14. Picture Perfect Prediction

Bonus Svengali Deck Tricks
15. How The Svengali Deck Works
16. Somebody Stop Me
17. A "Bottom" Deal
18. The Airborne Card
19. CopyCat Cards
20. Elevator Card
21. Hanky-Panky Card Penetration
22. Hide N’ Seek and You Shall Find
23. Take A Stab At It
24. The Ol’ Switcheroo
25. Split Decision


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