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Little Wonder Rope Magic Trick
Item #1900
Little Wonder Rope Magic Trick
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Now you can perform one of the most talked about effects in magic right in your own living room!

The LITTLE WONDER ROPE is our version of the ancient "Hindu Rope Trick" where the magician commands a rope to stand straight up in mid air without any connections overhead. Now you can perform this miracle CLOSE UP AND SURROUNDED!

For centuries there has been debate if the effect was ever performed. FABLE or FACT? How could a rope stay suspended outdoors without any wires or other gimmicks? Show your audience that you have the power to do so with our LITTLE WONDER ROPE!

Imaging reaching into your pocket and pulling out a loosely coiled rope. Uncoil the rope and let it dangle limp towards the ground. Lift the ropeup to the sky and let go, the rope falls. Try again and upon your command you release your upper hand and the ROPE BECOMES STIFF AS A BOARD, SUSPENDED IN MID AIR! It is under your spell. There are no angles to worry about and no wires! You have truly charmed this rope. With a SNAP of your fingers the rope becomes limp and falls down again.

Easy to do, learn in minutes

Do it close up and surrounded.

Rope is 18" and visible from the stage.

No wires, thread magnets or body connections

Use indoors or outdoors in full light.

Great for walk around, clowns, MC’s

Rope can remain straight vertically OR horizontally.

An added effect is added for a comedy invisible dog walking routine!

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 August, 2004.
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